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Background. Pseudometastatic lesions of the liver may be discovered incidentally in children previously treated for malignant tumour.¶Objective. To describe the radiological pattern of these lesions and to analyse their pathogenesis.¶Materials and methods. Nine children, 2–12 years' old at the time of diagnosis, are described in this retrospective(More)
BACKGROUND Purpura fulminans remains a severe and potentially life-threatening disorder, despite advances in intensive care that have led to a significant increase in the survival rate. One major risk is amputation of extremities. METHODS The present report concerns a series of four patients (all male; mean age, 19 years) whose lower limb extremities were(More)
Dynamic light-scattering (DLS) studies on solutions of proteins approaching their precipitation point were made with asparaginyl- (NRSEC), leucyl- (LRSEC) and valyl- (VRSEC) tRNA synthetases from Escherichia coli. The three aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases have not been crystallized previously. As a control system, we used E. coli polypeptide elongation factor Tu(More)
We report the mode-locked operation of two new Yb-doped oxyorthosilicates, Y2SiO5 (YSO) and Lu2SiO5 (LSO), that are longitudinally diode pumped. Yb:YSO supplied pulses as short as 122 fs with 410 mW of output power at 1041 nm. More than 2.6 W of average output power, for pulse durations of 198 fs at 1044 nm and 260 fs at 1059 nm for Yb:YSO and Yb:LSO,(More)
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