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Economic Association, and the VI Workshop in International Economics and Finance organized by the Department of Economics of the Universidad T. Di Tella for their valuable comments, Walter Sosa for substantive technical advice, and Rudy Loo-Kung, Gonzalo Llosa and Freddy Rojas for superb research assistance. The usual caveats apply. The views expressed(More)
High-resolution display environments consisting of many individual displays arrayed to form a single visible surface are commonly used to present large scale data. Using these displays often involves a control paradigm where interactions become cumbersome and non-intuitive. By combining highresolution displays with multi-touch and gesture interactive(More)
This technical report is a preprint of a paper intended for publication in a journal or proceedings. Since changes may be made before publication, this preprint is made available with the understanding that anyone wanting to cite or reproduce it ascertains that no published version in journal or proceedings exists. Permission to copy this report is granted(More)
Business cycle fluctuations in developed economies (N) tend to have large and persistent effects on developing countries (S). We study the transmission of business cycle fluctuations for developed to developing economies with a two-country asymmetric DSGE model with two features: (i) endogenous development of new technologies in N , and (ii) sunk costs of(More)
This paper develops new, far more extensive estimates of export quality, covering 178 countries and hundreds of products over 1962–2010. Quality upgrading is particularly rapid during the early stages of development, with quality convergence largely completed as a country reaches upper middle-income status. There is significant crosscountry heterogeneity in(More)
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