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This paper presents an empirical analysis about how the Nielsen's usability heuristics are perceived by novice evaluators. Twenty-eight undergraduate students of an Informatics Engineering program were trained in usability and heuristic evaluations for this purpose. They were asked to perform a heuristic evaluation of a transactional Web site. A survey was(More)
Given that usability is one of the most important aspects of software quality, several methods have been developed in order to establish techniques capable of evaluating this attribute from early phases of the software development process. However, the choice of the most appropriate method for a particular scenario is still a difficult decision, due to the(More)
Since usability is considered as a critical success factor for any software application, several evaluation methods have been developed. Nowadays, it is possible to find many proposals in the literature that address to evaluate usability issues. However, there is still discussion about what usability evaluation method is the most widely accepted by the(More)
Usability is currently one of the most important aspects of software quality. Developers are aware that if a software product does not meet user's expectations regarding usability, the entire project might fail. For this reason, several usability evaluation methods have emerged and nowadays are employed from early phases of the software development process.(More)
The usability is nowadays an aspect that can determine the success of a software product. For this reason, there are methods that allow specialists to verify if the properties of the system interfaces contribute to achieving the desired degree of usability. Although the heuristic evaluation is one of the most recognized methods, there is not a formal(More)
According to the Semiotic Engineering, the human-computer interaction is a way of communication between designers and users. The Communicability Evaluation Method (CEM) is a technique to assess this communication and determine the degree in which the designers achieve to convey users their design intents through the system interface. Most case studies that(More)