Freddy J Cornillie

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In a 3-year prospective study of 643 consecutive laparoscopies for infertility, pelvic pain, or infertility and pain, the pelvic area, the depth of infiltration, and the volume of endometriotic lesions were evaluated. The incidence, area, and volume of subtle lesions decreased with age, whereas for typical lesions these parameters and the depth of(More)
In 179 consecutive laparoscopies for infertility (n = 105), pain (n = 60), or both problems (n = 14), endometriosis was diagnosed in 77%, 82%, and 86%, respectively. Eighty implants with positive histology and with careful assessment of depth were sampled by CO2 laser excision from 53 patients. Deep (greater than or equal to 5 mm), intermediate (2 to 4 mm),(More)
The present study was designed to determine whether CYFRA 21-1, measuring cytokeratin 19, could be a specific and sensitive tumour marker for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Serum measurements were made at diagnosis in 2250 patient samples by an immunoradiometric "sandwich type" assay, using two cytokeratin 19 specific monoclonal antibodies. Among(More)
OBJECTIVES:Although the clinical efficacy of infliximab as measured by closure of fistulas in Crohn's disease has been demonstrated, its influence on the inflammatory changes in the fistula tracks is less clear. The aim of the present study was to assess the behavior of perianal fistulas before and after infliximab treatment.METHODS:Magnetic resonance(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate a clinical examination during menstruation and plasma CA-125 concentrations to diagnose deep endometriosis. DESIGN Prospective study in 61 women scheduled for a laparoscopy, a retrospective study in 140 women with deep endometriosis, and a clinical validation study in 16 women with painful pelvic nodularities during menstruation. (More)
OBJECTIVES:The objective of this study was to analyze the safety of long-term infliximab treatment, with/without concomitant immunomodulators, across Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) clinical trials.METHODS:To maximize sample size, we pooled primary safety data across 10 CD or UC trials, including five randomized, controlled trials(More)
The prevalence of spontaneous endometriosis was investigated by laparoscopy in 52 baboons (Papio anubis and Papio cynocephalus) of proven fertility. Clinical endometriosis was diagnosed in 9 (17%) and 4 (8%) baboons with or without a previous hysterotomy, respectively. Endometriosis was confirmed by histology in 75% of these animals. The 37 endometriotic(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammatory cytokines, including interleukin (IL)-1, IL-6, IL-8 and tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), are important in the pathogenesis of endometriosis. We assessed the efficacy of anti-TNF monoclonal antibody (mAb, c5N), known to prevent induced endometriosis in baboons, in reducing established endometriosis in baboons. METHODS This(More)
OBJECTIVE The role of natural killer (NK) cells in the decreased cellular immunity of women with endometriosis was investigated. DESIGN, SETTING, PATIENTS Thirty-four women were investigated prospectively before a CO2-laser laparoscopy for infertility and/or pain at the University Hospital Gasthuisberg. Endometriosis was scored blindly. MAIN OUTCOME(More)
BACKGROUND Serum infliximab trough levels correlate with efficacy; dose escalation is often beneficial in patients with Crohn's disease who stop responding to infliximab treatment. OBJECTIVE To carry out a post hoc analysis of A Crohn's Disease Clinical Trial Evaluating Infliximab in a New Long-term Treatment Regimen I (ACCENT I) to evaluate the(More)