Freddy Bravo

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Currently, the Neotropical genus Lepidiella Enderlein, 1937 comprises ten species, only one of them recorded from Brazil. In this paper, two new species of this genus are described from the Atlantic Rainforest of the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. Lepidiella robusta sp. nov. can be distinguished from all known species by the relative size of the first(More)
A checklist of longhorn beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) of Quixadá County, Ceará State, Brazil is presented. Fifty-six specimens were examined and 32 species were identified, distributed in 29 genera, 19 tribes and two subfamilies. Fifteen species are new distributional records for Ceará State. Nealcidion latipenne (Bates, 1863) is recorded by the first(More)
Larvae of a new species of Psychodinae, Moruseodina cusucoensis gen. et sp. nov., were collected during a biodiversity survey of aquatic invertebrates in plant held water bodies (phytotelmata) in Cusuco National Park, Honduras. The fourth instar larva, pupa and adult male are described based on reared material. The new species was difficult to place in an(More)
The genus Pseudacteon Coquillett (Diptera, Phoridae) has a worldwide distribution and comprises parasitic myrmecophilous species that decapitate host ants. Seventy one species are known in the genus, 41 of them occur in the Neotropical Region and are 25 from Brazil. In northeastern Brazil, there are only records for two species, Pseudacteon dentiger(More)
The type specimens of Neodiogmites hirtuosus (Wiedemann, 1821), two males and one female, deposited at the Museum für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universität (ZMHB), Berlin were examined. The specimens show the diagnostic characters of Apoxyria Schiner, 1866: face strongly pronounced, swollen and curved hind tibia, and terminalia with epandrium large and(More)
Neodiogmites Carrera, 1949, a rare Neotropical genus of Asilidae, is revised and divided into three species groups: (1) the melanogaster group, including N. carrerai Artigas & Papavero, N. melanogaster (Wiedemann, 1821), N. tenebrosus Carrera and N. carolindae sp. nov.; (2) the alexanderi group, including N. atriapex (Carrera & Papavero), N. alexanderi(More)
Two new species of Sycorax from the Atlantic Rain Forest of Espírito Santo, Sycorax canaanensis Santos, Bravo & Falqueto sp. nov. and Sycorax tuberculata Santos, Bravo & Falqueto sp. nov. are described and illustrated. Male speci-mens were collected with CDC light traps in the Biological Reserve of Augusto Ruschi, municipality of Santa Teresa, state of(More)
A list of Cerambycidae species from three municipalities of central Bahia (Milagres, Maracás and Iaçu) is presented. A total of 108 species are registered, 17 of which are new geographical records for the state, are listed, including two new species of Aerenicini (Lamiinae), Suipinima flavumtuberculata sp. nov. and Aereniphaula bandana sp. nov. which are(More)
A checklist of Cerambycidae from three Brazilian localities of the Chapada Diamantina mountain range (Catolés, Piatã and Mucugê) is provided. These three localities are considered of great biological importance. A total of 38 species were collected, belonging to 29 genera, 18 tribes and two subfamilies. Ten new records for the state of Bahia are presented,(More)