Freddie Oakley

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Risk-limiting post-election audits limit the chance of certifying an electoral outcome if the outcome is not what a full hand count would show. report pilot risk-limiting audits in four elections during 2008 in three California counties: one during the February 2008 Primary Election in Marin County and three during the November 2008 General Elections in(More)
This paper reports on an analysis of the Hart Inter-Civic DAU eSlate unit equipped for disabled access and the associated Judge's Booth Controller. The analysis examines whether the eSlate and JBC can be subverted to compromise the accuracy of vote totals, the secrecy of the ballot, and the availability of the system under the procedures in place for Yolo(More)
Free, fair and accurate elections are the cornerstone of democracy. Post-election audits–which compare reported totals with hand counts of a trustworthy audit trail in a random sample of batches–can limit the risk of certifying an incorrect electoral outcome. The risk is the maximum chance the audit stops short of a full hand count when a full hand count(More)
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