Freddie D. Witherden

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High-order numerical methods for unstructured grids combine the superior accuracy of high-order spectral or finite difference methods with the geometric flexibility of low-order finite volume or finite element schemes. The Flux Reconstruction (FR) approach unifies various high-order schemes for unstructured grids within a single framework. Additionally, the(More)
PyFR is an open-source high-order accurate computational fluid dynamics solver for mixed unstructured grids that can target a range of hardware platforms from a single codebase. In this paper we demonstrate the ability of PyFR to perform high-order accurate unsteady simulations of flow on mixed unstructured grids using heterogeneous multi-node hardware.(More)
The IEEE 1394 “FireWire” interface provides a means for acquiring direct memory access. We discuss how this can be used to perform live memory forensics on a target system. We also present libforensic1394 an open-source software library designed especially for this purpose. Passive and active applications of live memory forensics are analysed. Memory(More)
Firstand second-order accurate numerical methods, implemented for CPUs, underpin the majority of industrial CFD solvers. Whilst this technology has proven very successful at solving steady-state problems via a Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes approach, its utility for undertaking scaleresolving simulations of unsteady flows is less clear. High-order methods(More)