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Teaching and Assessing Knowledge Integration in Science
Interactive visualizations combined with online inquiry and embedded assessments can deepen student understanding of complex ideas in science.
Targeted Support for Using Technology-Enhanced Science Inquiry Modules
The targeted professional development approach addressed the challenges and allowed teachers to successfully implement the modules in their classrooms and contributes to a growing body of literature that identifies and addresses barriers to integrating technology into K-12 classrooms. Expand
Assessing Integrated Understanding of Science
QUALITY ASSESSMENT is an essential part of quality instruction. Assessment can be used to monitor student progress toward stated learning goals and to measure the effectiveness of instruction. In anExpand
Adapting instruction to the cognitive demands of learning to program.
This study investigated how instructional practices influence what students learn in Pascal programming classes. The study contrasted 8 introductory and 8 AP level courses because goals of teachers,Expand
Traversing the divide: documentation challenges of the 90s
In the last five years, there has seen a major shift in the documentation accompanying computer software, with a general industry move toward offering a larger percentage (if not all) of a product’s documentation online. Expand
An Overview of Professional Development at Harmony Public Schools
Integral to the STEM Students on the Stage (SOS)™ model for instruction at Harmony Public Schools (HPS) is Project-based Learning (PBL). This learning model requires a significant shift in the rolesExpand
Applying a Cognitive Theory of Learning to Teachers' Knowledge Development
Applying a Cognitive Theory of Learning to Teachers’ Knowledge Development Keisha Varma (keishavarma@berkeley.edu) Freda Husic (husic@berkeley.edu) Marcia Linn (mclinn@berkeley.edu School ofExpand