Fred6ric Mathieu

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In this work, different CuFe(1-x)Cr(x)O(2) compositions with 0 <or= x <or= 1 were prepared by a standard solid-state reaction. These oxides crystallize with the delafossite structure. The phase stability and thermal behavior of the complete CuFe(1-x)Cr(x)O(2) solid solution was studied by thermogravimetric analysis and high-temperature X-ray diffraction(More)
The built-up area of the village Hilsprich (Lorraine, France) is affected by a subsidence phenomenon localized 13 over a few hundred square metres, causing damage to buildings. In this study, differential SAR interferometry 14 (DInSAR) was used to: 15 estimate the boundaries of the subsidence in order to optimize ground-based monitoring networks 16(More)
Development of borehole geophysics has recently focused on reservoir characterization. Within this effort, extensive full waveform acoustic surveys have demonstrated a correlation between the occurance of open fractures and attenuation of Stoneley waves. A relationship is obtained here between fracture permeability and attenuation of Stoneley waves, on the(More)
The purpose of this study is to analyse the driving habits of a group of diabetic individuals, insulin and noninsulin treated, compared with the driving habits of an equivalent group of individuals in good health. Specific attention is given to the evaluation and management of stress related to driving. The analysis relies mainly upon the answers of 307(More)
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