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] User News on the WWW The User News is at http://eande.lbl.gov/BTP/SRG/UNEWS. Download the document in PDF format and read it with Adobe's " Acrobat " reader, available free of charge. ] EnergyPro is a new, Windows-based building energy analysis program from the folks at Gabel-Dodd/EnergySoft. Turn to page 17 for a short description of the program; there(More)
This paper describes an effort to link the COMIS 3.0 multi-zone airflow model with the EnergyPlus building energy simulation program. COMIS 3.0 is a network-based multi-zone airflow model developed by a multinational team in the framework of International Energy Agency's Annex 23 for simulating airflows through the building fabric due to infiltration or(More)
With the advent of the computing age, heat balance based techniques for simulating thermal loads in buildings became a reality for architects and engineers. However, since the 1970s, the capabilities of most of the well-known heat balance based simulation programs have remained fairly stagnant. Much of the reason behind this trend lies with the complexity(More)
In the treatment of severe "dish-face" deformities which result from Le Fort II and III middle face fractures, reposition and fixation of the maxilla can be achieved by an extraoral cranial fixation apparatus. We describe a modification of the Georgiade head frame which achieves higher stability in fixing the maxilla and arch wires. The joints applied to(More)
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