Fred W. Ware

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The 'single swallow' technique for the isotopic investigation of oesophageal function has been widely accepted. In our experience the results obtained when several consecutive 'single swallow' tests are performed show considerable variation. Although one or two swallows may be enough to diagnose abnormality, the exclusion of a motility disorder requires(More)
| We consider the problem of transmitting compressed still images over lossy channels. In particular, we examine the situation where the data stream is partitioned into two independent channels, as is often considered in the multiple descriptions approach to image compression. In the present work, we introduce a coder design called smoothed descriptions ,(More)
{ This paper demonstrates the conservative nature of a multiple description approach to image and video coding, by showing that error con-cealment of a sub-optimally partitioned coded image stream yields comparable results under realistic conditions. Rather than use the non-orthogonal transforms of multiple description coding, which result in excess rate(More)
| Numerous image coding approaches have been devised which result in high-quality reconstructions despite the presence of channel errors. This paper considers the case where a channel degrades to such a degree that decoder feedback must be applied in order for the reconstruction to bèacceptable'. It considers several means of generating re-nement data, and(More)
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