Fred W. Obermeier

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Few integrated circuit design tools support the rapid exploration of the design space across performance alternatives. Such a tool must rely on extensive analysis of fundamental design issues, to provide the basis for this exploration. These detailed analyses are summarized as simple “rules-of-thumb.” A more flexible class of design tools can(More)
(3) Cell Based L a y o u t B e n c h m a r k s . There were two consecutive sessions on this subject. Earlier this year, a series of benchmark examples were made available to enable VLSI researchers to compare the merits of various design techniques. The first session (18) introduced these cell based layout benchmark examples. The issues ~socia ted with(More)
A case report is given of a 54 year old male patient, who had acute, relapsing, life threatening episodes of gastro-intestinal bleeding caused by hemorrhagic gastroduodenitis associated with Whipple's disease. The diagnosis was established by histological examination of duodenum biopsies, which contained the pathognomonic PAS-positive macrophages. The(More)
Computed tomography did not lead to the correct diagnosis in a 40-year-old female patient with an adrenal cyst on the right side. Sonography permitted differentiation of the tumour from the surroundings. However, only angiography showed quality and precise localization of the tumour. Thus, in certain cases, angiography cannot be replaced despite the large(More)
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