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ENISA position papers represent expert opinion on topics ENISA considers to be important emerging risks. They are produced by a group selected for their expertise in the area. The content was collected via wiki, mailing list and telephone conferences, edited by ENISA and the final version has been reviewed by the people listed below. This paper aims to(More)
Over the past decade, social network sites have experienced dramatic growth in popularity, reaching most demographics and providing new opportunities for interaction and socialization. Through this growth, users have been challenged to manage novel privacy concerns and balance nuanced trade-offs between disclosing and withholding personal information. To(More)
As our lives are more commonly mediated by IT, an <i>interactional perspective of privacy</i> [7] is increasingly applicable to the study of how people find and construct privacy in socio-technical interactions. This perspective has received increasing attention within the HCI research community in recent years. While the interactional perspective has(More)
Much privacy research focuses on concerns about data protection and has established metrics, such as privacy scales, for evaluating those concerns. Recent work recognizes the importance of understanding interpersonal and interactional privacy concerns in social media, but ways to measure privacy within these contexts remain unsettled. This workshop aims to(More)