Fred Sanfilippo

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Recent reports have suggested the value of duplex Doppler sonography in the assessment of renal transplant function. Accurate diagnosis of acute rejection and its distinction from acute tubular necrosis and cyclosporine A toxicity have been claimed. We undertook a combined retrospective and prospective analysis of duplex Doppler examinations performed over(More)
The clinical and histologic features of 81 patients with IgA nephropathy were analyzed. Azotemia was present in 32 per cent of the patients, proteinuria was present in 88 per cent, and gross or microscopic hematuria was present in all of the patients tested. The median age of histologic diagnosis was 27 years. The median age at onset of clinical signs was(More)
We examined seven corneas from five patients with a new form of lattice corneal dystrophy (designated lattice corneal dystrophy type III) by light and electron microscopy. Numerous amyloid deposits were scattered throughout the corneal stroma, some of which were much larger than those usually observed in either lattice corneal dystrophy type I or II; these(More)
BACKGROUND Both humoral and cellular immune responses can cause arterial injury in organ transplants, but the manifestations of these different inflammatory mechanisms have not been dissected fully. The present study was designed to define the effects of the terminal complement components on arterial injury in vivo. METHODS The authors have developed(More)
In the course of routine pretransplant cadaveric donor kidney biopsy examination, specimens from two donors were found to exhibit intense mesangial localization of IgA by immunofluorescence, with the presence of large immune complex-type deposits in these areas confirmed ultrastructurally. Both kidneys from each donor were transplanted with the ultimate(More)
UNLABELLED OBJECTIVE--To evaluate the relative impact of various factors that could account for differences in waiting time of cadaveric kidney transplant candidates (eg, black and sensitized patients). DESIGN --A cohort study using multivariate analyses to identify associations between 36 patient, donor, and center factors with waiting time for all US(More)
Serial serological studies were carried out on 19 of 20 patients with malignant gliomas who were actively immunized with one of two human glioma tissue culture cell lines (D-54MG or U-251MG). Most patients mounted a significant serum reaction to histocompatibility antigens (HLA's), as well as an antibody response to fetal bovine serum (FBS) which was added(More)
To investigate the role of gamma/delta+ T cells in allograft rejection, we have studied the TCR phenotype and function of lymphocytes infiltrating rejecting, rejected, and nonrejecting human renal allografts. Two-color immunohistologic staining showed that 19% of rejecting biopsies and 40% of rejected nephrectomies had significant infiltration (> 10% of the(More)
BACKGROUND A critical role for the terminal components of complement (C5b-C9) has been demonstrated previously in acute allograft rejection with the use of C6-deficient PVG congenic rat strains. The C6 deficiency prevents the formation of membrane attack complex (MAC) by C5b-C9. Hearts transplanted from PVG.1A (RT1a) rats are rejected acutely (7-9 days) by(More)
A retrospective masked study of 120 consecutive renal transplant biopsies was performed to evaluate the potential associations of cyclosporine (CsA) therapy and other factors on the degree and progression of interstitial fibrosis (IF). Allograft biopsies were obtained from patients receiving CsA (CsA+; n = 59) and not receiving CsA (CsA-; n = 46);(More)