Fred S Berlin

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A naturalistic, double-blind, family history comparison of sexual deviancy in the first degree relatives of inpatients with pedophilia and nonpedophilic paraphilia was done. Both proband groups were similar in demographic characteristics, except that pedophiles had a later onset of illness and were older during hospitalization. All patients were men. Sexual(More)
An experiment was performed to determine whether needles inserted into appropriate acupuncture points could delay onset of a pain-terminating response more than needles inserted as placebos into inappropriate points could. A heat source contained in a modified Hardy-Wolff-Goodell dolorimeter was used as a stimulus to produce pain on the posterolateral(More)
Some have argued that acturarial methods such as the RRASOR, the MNSOSTR, and the Static-99, can outperform clinical judgments when utilized at a civil commitment hearing to make a prediction. Although actuarial data can be used to identify a group of persons to be considered for possible civil commitment, at present it cannot be used to accurately predict(More)
  • Fred S Berlin
  • The journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry…
  • 2009
Androgen deprivation treatment (ADT) significantly lowers testosterone. That, in turn, can decrease sexual drive, facilitating better self-control and lower recidivism rates among sexually disordered offenders. Potential side effects can include: decreases in bone density; development of a metabolic syndrome involving weight gain, accompanied by changes in(More)
This article addresses the risk factors associated with the psychiatric disorder pedophilia, its treatment, and treatment outcomes. It addresses physician responsibilities associated with case identification of victims and possible roles in the medical management of pedophilia. The essential feature of pedophilia is that an individual is sexually attracted(More)
Sexual deviation disorders, or paraphilias, are diagnosable psychiatric syndromes manifested by 1) recurrent fantasies about deviant sex, 2) intense associated cravings, and 3) stereotypic behavioral responses. Pedophiles seek out children in response to their erotic thoughts and urges, whereas exhibitionists expose themselves. Paraphiliac syndromes(More)
In a consecutive series of admissions to the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Unit, 4 out of 20 patients appeared to have simulated paraphilic symptoms that further assessment indicated were either exaggerated or not present. The paper presents case histories of these 4 patients. A descriptive comparison is made between these patients and control groups of(More)
  • Fred S Berlin
  • The journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry…
  • 2011
Human beings differ in sexual makeup. Most adults are not sexually attracted to prepubescent children, but some are. Societal values can be of relevance in determining whether such a difference is considered to be a psychiatric condition. Were a society to believe that adult-child sexual interactions should not be prohibited, such a difference might not be(More)