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Melanophores were studied in tadpoles of the South African clawed toad, Xenopus laevis, during the first week after hatching (stages 46-49) at 25 degrees C. The tadpoles had melanophores with dispersed melanosomes in the light and punctate melanophores in the dark in LD 12:12. The melanophores remained punctate in constant dark and the melanosomes remained(More)
BACKGROUND Residents covering attendings' patients must decide when to call the attending and when to evaluate patients at the bedside for new clinical events. Conflicts arise when residents and attendings disagree about these decisions. PURPOSE Our purpose was to determine differences in expectations between attendings and residents concerning the need(More)
Because of difficulties in making accurate measurements from before and after photographs, we have devised measuring techniques not dependent upon exact reduplication of photographic circumstances before, during, and after surgery. Measuring devices contacting the head of the patient in specified ways are described. They allow simple and exact reduplication(More)
Nasal profiles are altered in almost every rhinoplasty operation. Often neglected in diagnosis and surgery are alterations in profiles of the cheeks and upper lip that should be made at the same time. We show aesthetic effects produced by alterations in these structures and describe how we measure and record the adjustment. A few examples of results are(More)