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The performance of inhalation, heating pads, plumbed garment, inhalation + heating pads, inhalation + plumbed garment, and body-to-body heat exchange rewarming were compared to trunk immersion and spontaneous rewarming under laboratory conditions with mildly cooled volunteers. The experiment included 72 rewarmings. Trunk immersion exhibited the smallest(More)
In Part I of this paper, a description of the problems confronted in resuscitation from immersion hypothermia was presented and the debate between passive and active rewarming approaches was summarized. In this paper, a review of the literature concerning selected specific rewarming protocols is given. The protocols considered are: peritoneal irrigation,(More)
The problem of data error control is one of the significant issues in the design of medical information systems which are used for supporting medical decision making. High degree of accuracy of information is necessary when human health problems are involved.A literature survey was conducted and an examination of several existing computerized medical(More)