Fred R. Griffith

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We adapted the homogeneous enzyme-multiplied immunoassay for methotrexate to the centrifugal analyzer. The sensitivity of the assay has been extended from 200 nmol/L down to 12.5 nmol/L. Several protocols may be followed, depending on whether the samples to be tested are from patients on low- or high-dose methotrexate regimens. Precision, accuracy, and(More)
Spore formation in Bacillus subtilis is a superb experimental system with which to study some of the most fundamental problems of cellular development and differentiation. Work begun in the 1980s and ongoing today has led to an impressive understanding of the temporal and spatial regulation of sporulation, and the functions of many of the several hundred(More)
The potassium contraction of skeletal muscle and relaxation of cardiac muscle have been correlated with the carbon dioxide and total acid production of these tissues. 1. The immersion of surviving sartorius muscles of the frog in isotonic potassium chloride solution causes a marked increase in the rate of acid production. 2. It is probable that carbon(More)
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