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The Raman spectra of diamond and chemical-vapor-deposition (CVD) diamond films in the UV have been excited within the diamond band gap at 228.9 nm for the first time. The lack of fluorescence in the UV-excited Raman spectrum of diamond and CVD diamond films allows Raman spectroscopy to monitor the carbon-hydrogen (C-H) stretching vibrations of the(More)
The basic processes of wear, erosion and erosion-corrosion are reviewed. It is shown that oxide debris can accelerate wear when it is present as particulates, or protect and reduce friction when it is present as a glaze. Erosion-corrosion processes can be understood and organized in a series of regimes that represent a sequence of change in the relative(More)
Hydrogen-fired and oxy-fueled land-based gas turbines currently target inlet operating temperatures of ∼14251760°C (∼2600-3200°F). In view of natural gas or syngas-fired engines, advancements in both materials, as well as aerothermal cooling configurations are anticipated prior to commercial operation. This paper reviews recent technical accomplishments(More)
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