Fred Morstatter

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Twitter is a social media giant famous for the exchange of short, 140-character messages called “tweets”. In the scientific community, the microblogging site is known for openness in sharing its data. It provides a glance into its millions of users and billions of tweets through a “Streaming API” which provides a sample of all tweets matching some(More)
Springer This e↵ort is dedicated to my family. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.-SK For my parents and Rio. Thank you for everything.-FM To my parents, wife, and sons.-HL Acknowledgments We would like to thank the following individuals for their help in realizing this book. We would like to thank Daniel Howe and Grant Marshall for helping to(More)
Social media is gaining popularity as a medium of communication before, during, and after crises. In several recent disasters, it has become evident that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are an important source of information, and in cases they have even assisted in relief efforts. We propose a novel approach to identify a subset of active users(More)
Disaster response agencies incorporate social media as a source of fast-breaking information to understand the needs of people affected by the many crises that occur around the world. These agencies look for tweets from within the region affected by the crisis to get the latest updates on the status of the affected region. However only 1% of all tweets are(More)
The presence of bots has been felt in many aspects of social media. Twitter, one example of social media, has especially felt the impact, with bots accounting for a large portion of its users. These bots have been used for malicious tasks such as spreading false information about political candidates and inflating the perceived popularity of celebrities.(More)
Feature selection, as a data preprocessing strategy, has been proven to be effective and efficient in preparing high-dimensional data for data mining and machine learning problems. The objectives of feature selection include: building simpler and more comprehensible models, improving data mining performance, and preparing clean, understandable data. The(More)
Twitter shares a free 1% sample of its tweets through the "Streaming API". Recently, research has pointed to evidence of bias in this source. The methodologies proposed in previous work rely on the restrictive and expensive Firehose to find the bias in the Streaming API data. We tackle the problem of finding sample bias without costly and restrictive(More)
Twitter is a major social media platform in which users send and read messages ("tweets") of up to 140 characters. In recent years this communication medium has been used by those affected by crises to organize demonstrations or find relief. Because traffic on this media platform is extremely heavy, with hundreds of millions of tweets sent every day, it is(More)