Fred M Hopkins

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The objective was to evaluate development of cloned embryos constructed with serum-starved versus fed ovarian granulosa cells. Fusion of somatic cells with cytoplasts (50.7 and 50.7%; SEM=5.5), development of cloned embryos to 8-16-cell (59.4 and 62.6%; SEM=6.4), and compact morula/blastocyst-stages (24.9 and 26.5%; SEM=8.5) was similar for serum-starved(More)
The luteolytic potency of fenprostalene (a PGF2alpha analog) is about 20-times that of naturally produced PGF2alpha. The objective of this research was to investigate the uterokinetic effects of fenprostalene at a luteolytic dosage (1.0 mg) in the cyclic and early postpartum cow, and in the isolated uterine horn. Uterine motility measurements were conducted(More)
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