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Understanding the behaviorally mediated indirect effects of predators in ecosystems requires knowledge of predator-prey behavioral interactions. In predator-ungulate-plant systems, empirical research quantifying how predators affect ungulate group sizes and distribution, in the context of other influential variables, is particularly needed. The risk(More)
Murine cytotoxic T lymphocytes contain, in addition to the cytotoxic pore-forming protein perforin, another cytolytic factor localized in both cytoplasm and granules. Like perforin, this CTL cytotoxin lyses a variety of tumor cells; unlike perforin, it is stable in the presence of calcium, requires several hours to induce maximal lytic activity, and is(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the role of heparin in the postreperfusion coagulopathy during liver transplantation with heparinase-guided thromboelastography. DESIGN A prospective, interventional study. SETTING A university-affiliated hospital. PARTICIPANTS Twenty-six patients undergoing orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). INTERVENTIONS Blood drawn(More)
Aberrant expression of the apoptosis inhibitor bcl-2 provides a survival advantage throughout oncogenesis and can facilitate chemotherapeutic resistance in a variety of human cancers. Follicular lymphoma (FL) for example, is characterized by the chromosomal translocation t(14;18), which results in bcl-2 overexpression and initiates lymphomagenesis. Although(More)
Data from a longitudinal study of 1342 Zambian children aged between 0 and 60 months are used to derive reference standards for mid-upper arm circumference. To determine the sensitivity, specificity, and predictive value of the arm circumference measurement as an indicator of nutritional status, associations between arm circumference and other(More)
of the World Bank; numerous officials of the Government of Kazakhstan and seminar participants at the World Bank for helpful comments on earlier drafts. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the World Bank, its Executive Directors, any of its member governments, the International Monetary Fund, the Government(More)