Fred Houben

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The complexity of today's embedded systems and their development trajectories requires a systematic, model-driven design approach , supported by tooling wherever possible. Only then, development trajectories become manageable, with high-quality, cost-effective results. This paper introduces the Octopus Design-Space Exploration (DSE) toolset that aims to(More)
We apply Uppaal Tiga to automatically compute adaptive scheduling strategies for an industrial case study dealing with a state-of-the-art image processing pipeline of a printer. As far as we know, this is the first application of timed automata technology to an industrial scheduling problem with uncertainty in job arrivals.
Inspired by work on model-based design of printers, the notion of a parametrized partial order (PPO) has recently been introduced. PPOs are a simple extension of partial orders, expressive enough to compactly represent large task graphs with finite repetitive behavior. We present a translation of a subclass of PPOs to timed automata and prove that the(More)
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