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A new, modular Western blot (immunoblot) system for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) antibodies (ABN WesPage; Wellcome) was compared with enzyme immunoassays (Wellcome, Behringwerke, and Abbott) and with a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-licensed Western blot (DuPont) in a multicenter study. A total of 649 serum samples from HIV patients at(More)
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has a long and rich history of significant achievements in imaging, from the early developments of ultrasound imaging and its bioeffects, to the development of magnetic resonance imaging by the late Paul Lauterbur, who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2003 for his work in establishing this technique.(More)
Peroxidase-labeled monoclonal antibody against rotavirus group-specific antigen (inner capsid) was used for the detection of rotavirus by immunoperoxidase staining (IPS) in trypsin-free MA104 cells within 18 h post-inoculation with clinical specimens. One hundred and twenty-one fecal samples from children with acute gastroenteritis were evaluated by IPS,(More)
Geriatrische Patienten mit nichtvalvulärem Vorhofflimmern (VHF) erhalten zunehmend neue orale Antikoagulanzien (NOAK) zur Schlaganfallprophylaxe. Das vorliegende Manuskript berichtet die Ergebnisse einer Expertenrunde zum praktischen Einsatz der NOAK bei geriatrischen Patienten. Eine interdisziplinäre Expertengruppe diskutierte die aktuelle Situation der(More)
In the present study, virus isolation was attempted in one hundred and twenty-one fecal samples of children suffering from acute gastroenteritis. Virus isolation was performed either conventionally by examination of cytopathogenic effect (CPE) or by immunoperoxidase staining (IPS) of rotavirus group specific antigen (inner capsid) in trypsin free MA104(More)
s Experientia 52 (1996), Birkh/iuser Verlag, CH-4010 Basel/Switzerland 311 multiplex PCR protocol and found to be positive for HSV DNA or enterovirus RNA, respectively. Control samples of patients with other CNS infections were found to be negative. In conclusion, we have described a sensitive and specific procedure to amplify simultaneously enteroviral and(More)
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