Fred Englander

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This paper provides an update of annual economic costs imposed by fall injuries. Such costs include medical, rehabilitation, hospital costs, and the costs of morbidity and mortality. These costs are projected to the year 2020, based on changing demographic trends. The market for slip and fall injury prevention is analyzed for the elderly and for those in(More)
The ability of flumazenil to reverse benzodiazepine-induced respiratory depression is discussed through a review of the relevant literature. Flumazenil has been shown to be effective in reversing benzodiazepine-induced sedation, but its ability to reverse benzodiazepine-induced respiratory depression is controversial. Part of this controversy stems from the(More)
The Supreme Court of California has ruled on several cases involving the question of to what extent a possessor of land is liable for the harm to customers or tenants occurring when a third party commits a criminal act against the customers or tenants present on the land. This paper reviews the historical development of this aspect of negligence law and(More)
The air pollution generated by motor vehicles and by static sources is, in certain geographic areas, a very serious problem, a problem that exists because of a failure of the marketplace. To address this marketplace failure, the State of California has mandated that by 2003, 10% of the Light-Duty Vehicle Fleet (LDV) be composed of Zero-Emission Vehicles(More)
This paper explores the link between student achievement and student learning styles in a college microeconomics course, based on the Dunn and Dunn model of learning styles. The Productivity Environmental Survey (PEPS) is utilized to measure learning style preferences for twenty elements. Factor analysis is applied to reduce the multidimensional preferences(More)
"The Costs and Benefits of Government Expenditures for Family Planning Programs" by Mary Chamie and Stanley K. Henshaw in an earlier issue of "Family Planning Perspectives" is discussed. Several flaws in the Chamie-Henshaw analysis are pointed out; and some aspects of research on which their analysis was based are re-examined. Chamie and Henshaw used the(More)
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