Fred E Williams

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Mutations of yeast CYC8 or TUP1 genes greatly reduce the degree of glucose repression of many genes and affect other regulatory pathways, including mating type. The predicted CYC8 protein contains 10 copies of the 34-amino-acid tetratricopeptide repeat unit, and the predicted TUP1 protein has six repeated regions found in the beta subunit of heterotrimeric(More)
The TUP1 and CYC8 (= SSN6) genes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae play a major role in glucose repression. Mutations in either TUP1 or CYC8 eliminate or reduce glucose repression of many repressible genes and induce other phenotypes, including flocculence, failure to sporulate, and sterility of MAT alpha cells. The TUP1 gene was isolated in a screen for genes(More)
In Experiment 1, sham operated (SCON) and dorsomedial hypothalamic nuclei (DMN) lesioned (L) rats were given saline or naloxone (0.1, 1.0 or 2.0 mg/kg) just prior to the onset of the dark cycle, lights out. Compared to saline injections, naloxone at all doses suppressed the cumulative food intake of the SCON during the second and third hr of measurement.(More)
Unlike rats which have electrolytic dorsomedial hypothalamic area lesions and are hypophagic and hypodipsic, the rats of the present study with dorsomedial hypothalamic area, kainic acid lesions (KAL) were postoperatively aphagic and adipsic. Subsequently, KAL rats rejected chow or a high-fat diet but ate a 30% sucrose-chow diet. Similarly the KAL rats were(More)
Prostaglandins are known to be mediators of inflammation in many tissues. Their fluctuations in gingival crevicular fluid during experimentally induced periodontitis were investigated, together with the possible role of phospholipids, which were measured in normal gingiva and gingiva associated with the chronic periodontitis. Periodontitis was induced in 5(More)
A variant line (CEM-7A) "overproducing" the reduced folate/MTX carrier system was isolated from human CCRF-CEM leukemia cells grown under selective conditions in medium containing 0.25 nM 5-formyl-THF as the sole folate source. This line exhibits a 95-fold increased Vmax for [3H]-MTX influx as compared to parental cells. The values for [3H]-MTX influx Km,(More)
Liver afferents have been proposed to influence food intake control, however, previous studies have shown that chow (pellet) intake is apparently not altered in total liver denervated rats. The present study explored whether total liver denervation could alter the rats' intake of various diets other than chow pellets. Total liver denervations were verified(More)
We observed previously that totally liver denervated (TLD) rats consumed more of an imbalanced amino acid diet (IAAD) than sham-operated controls (CON). For the present study rats were either CON, TLD, had only the hepatic-vagal branch cut (HVX), or had all nerves on the hepatic artery and portal vein removed (HAPV) (n = 10-11). The rats were prefed a(More)