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You may not copy this material or any parts of it without the express written permission of the author. We are not liable for anything you do with this book or use this book for, including but not limited to choking people with its pages, using the book to trip folks, the kid leaving it on the steps, the pollution it creates when you burn it, or any side(More)
Simplicial and ∆-structures of configuration spaces are investigated. New connections between the homotopy groups of the 2-sphere and the braid groups are given. The higher homotopy groups of the 2-sphere are shown to be derived groups of the braid groups over the 2-sphere. Moreover the higher homotopy groups of the 2-sphere are shown to be isomorphic to(More)
The ability to quantify pain intensity is essential when caring for individuals in pain in order to monitor patient progress and analgesic effectiveness. Three scales are commonly employed: the simple descriptor scale (SDS), the visual analog scale (VAS), and the numeric (pain intensity) rating scale (NRS). Patients with English as a second language may not(More)
In this paper, we model complexity-based virus detection mechanisms which detect modifications and thereby prevent computer viruses from causing secondary infections. We use these models to show how to protect information in both trusted and untrusted computing bases, show the optimality of these mechanisms, and discuss some of their features. The models(More)