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— A new zero-voltage and zero-current-switching (ZVZCS) full-bridge (FB) pulsewidth modulation (PWM) converter is proposed to improve the performance of the previously presented ZVZCS FB PWM converters. By adding a secondary active clamp and controlling the clamp switch moderately, ZVS (for leading-leg switches) and ZCS (for lagging-leg switches) are(More)
Power Electronic Building Block (PEBB) concept is to provide generic building blocks for power conversion, regulation and distribution with control intelligence and autonomy. A comprehensive modeling and analysis of a PEBB based DC distributed power system (DPS), comprising of a front end power factor correction (PFC) boost rectifier, a DC-DC converter and(More)
High switching frequency, high resolution digital pulse-width modulator (DPWM) is one of major challenges in the implementation of digital-controlled power converters, especially in the voltage regulator (VR) application. This paper proposes three different digital duty cycle modulation schemes to improve the resolution. Almost 10 times improvement on(More)
(Abstract) With the fast advance in VLSI technology, smaller, more powerful digital system is available. It requires power supply with higher power density, lower profile and higher efficiency. PWM topologies have been widely used for this application. Unfortunately, hold up time requirement put huge penalties on the performance of these topologies. Also,(More)