Fred Bronner

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The aim of the present study was to gain a better understanding of the content characteristics that make online consumer reviews a useful source of consumer information. To this end, we content analyzed reviews of experience and search products posted on (N = 400). The insights derived from this content analysis were linked with the proportion of(More)
Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease presenting antibodies developed against the nicotinic receptors of acetylcholine. The aim of this study was to evaluate heart rate variability in these patients. Heart rate variability was studied with 24 hour Holter recordings. Eighteen myasthenic patients, 7 men and 11 women, under pyridostigmine treatment, with(More)
The study of heart rate variability allows analysis of modulations of heart rate by the sympathetic vagal system. The authors studied the course of sinus variability by 24-hour Holter monitoring preoperatively, and on the 6th and 42nd postoperative day, in 25 patients undergoing coronary bypass graft (group I) and 10 patients undergoing aortic valve(More)
UNLABELLED This study evaluated the impact of the atrioventricular delay (AVD) on the pulmonary venous flow pattern (PVFP). METHODS Transthoracic Doppler PVFP were obtained during atrial and ventricular pacing at a fixed rate of 70 beats/min in 20 patients equipped with a DDD pacemaker, diastolic dysfunction linked to an impaired relaxation, a mean(More)
A 61-year-old man has been implanted with a Ventritex Profile MD V-186 HV3 ICD for ischemic cardiomyopathy with sustained inducible VT. Three years later, this patient received several inappropriate shocks during the device's interrogation. These shocks provoked ventricular fibrillation. They were caused by a failing soldering between the system random(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the value of analysis of pulmonary venous flow in the evaluation of the haemodynamic status of patients with chronic renal failure with normal left ventricular function, treated by haemodialysis. Pulmonary venous flow was recorded immediately before and after haemodialysis in 27 patients with chronic renal failure and a(More)
Renal denervation, an invasive technique indicated in resistant hypertension patients insufficiently controlled by antihypertensive drugs, has a good safety profile. However, an increasing number of post-denervation renal artery stenosis cases has recently been reported. We describe the case of a 49-year-old woman with resistant hypertension who was(More)