Fred B. Smith

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Self-ratings of satisfaction with appearance and accomplishment of psychosocial tasks were examined by age and gender among school aged children with visible defects (cleft lip and/or palate, n = 272), or invisible defects (cleft palate only, n = 159), and dental patients (n = 128) without clefts. Using weighted least squares ANOVA and logistic regressions,(More)
This study examined ratings regarding satisfaction with facial appearance and speech performance from 495 parent-child pairs. Data were obtained from school-aged children (5-18 years old) and their parents using standardized independent interviews. Results revealed that 54 percent of the children with cleft lip (CL) or cleft lip and palate (CLP) were very(More)
A method to isolate 93 per cent viable (trypan blue), 95 plus or minus 2 per cent pure type II alveolar epithelial cells (Kikkawa, Y., and Yoneda, K. Lab. Invest. 30: 76, 1974) was slightly modified and was used to isolate type II cells of similar purity and viability from New Zealand White male rabbits. The modification as described in this report now(More)
Antibodies to specific human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) polypeptides are important laboratory markers of HIV infection. We have used an antibody to the major structural gag protein p24 of HIV-1 virus to immunochemically localize this capsid antigen in lymphoid cells from seven of eight patients at risk for HIV infection and who presented with parotid(More)
We found that fetal bovine serum supplementation of culture medium provided limited quantities of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, to cells grown in culture (2.8 ± 0.3% of total fatty acids in 12 lots). Supplementation of the medium with additional linoleic acid resulted in altered phospholipid acyl composition in cells of two established lines,(More)
We measured incorporation of 3H-labeled lipid precursors into surfactant-associated and nonsurfactant associated phospholipids in 2- to 7-day primary cultures of rabbit type II alveolar epithelial cells, in order to assess the degree to which cells retain metabolic features related to surfactant production in vitro. Unsaturated phosphatidyl choline label(More)
Synthesis of lecithins in isolated type II alveolar cells was compared with that in alveolar macrophages as a means of exploring the biochemical mechanisms underlying surfactant production in the lung. Counted cell populations were suspended in a simple glucose-salt solution and 14C-labeled precursors were added singly, in physiologic concentrations, to(More)
Background. Results of a previous study demonstrating a correlation between steroid hormone receptor concentrations in benign and tumor tissue in patients with breast carcinoma suggest that receptor levels in breast epithelium undergoing malignant transformation may play a role in determining the receptor levels in the resulting carcinoma. Data used in that(More)