Fred B. Holt

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documents in electronic form, we now have an opportunity to better track and identify technological advances, market changes, competitors’ trends, and even enemy advances. However, to extract from this wealth of information those pieces that are relevant to an application, analysts need fast, flexible, and efficient analysis tools. The ability to visualize(More)
We investigate the following vertex percolation process. Starting with a random regular graph of constant degree, delete each vertex independently with probability p, where p = n−α and α = α(n) is bounded away from 0. We show that a.a.s. the resulting graph has a connected component of size n− o(n) which is an expander, and all other components are trees of(More)
Since 1970 vector-space models have been used for information retrieval from unstructured text. The initial simple vector-space models suffered the same problems encountered today in searching the internet. These difficulties were significantly relieved by Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), introduced in 1990 and improved through 1995. Starting with the simple(More)
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