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Determination of the atmospheric concentrations and lifetime of trichloroethane (CH(3)CCI(3)) is very important in the context of global change. This halocarbon is involved in depletion of ozone, and the hydroxyl radical (OH) concentrations determined from its lifetime provide estimates of the lifetimes of most other hydrogen-containing gases involved in(More)
Frequent atmospheric measurements of the anthropogenic compound methylchloroform that were made between 1978 and 1985 indicate that this species is continuing to increase significantly around the world. Reaction with the major atmospheric oxidant, the hydroxyl radical (OH), is the principal sink for this species. The observed mean trends for(More)
This paper describes a parallel implementation of a grand challenge problem: global atmospheric modeling. The novel contributions of our work include: (1) a detailed investigation of opportunities for parallelism in atmospheric transport based on spectral solution methods, (2) the experimental evaluation of overheads arising from load imbalances and data(More)
In the research described here, we have constructed at tightly coupled set of methods for monitoring, steering, and applying visual analysis to large scale simulations. This work shows how a collaborative, interdisciplinary process that teams application and computer scientists can result in a powerful integrated approach. The integrated design allows great(More)
Diicult computations can be made more eeective and eecient if users can easily contribute to the problems these computations address. This article's purpose is an introduction to the potential increases in functionality and performance gained by the online interaction of end users with high performance computational instruments on single and on networked(More)
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