Fred Adams

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Recent work by Joshua Knobe indicates that people's intuitions about whether an action was intentional depends on whether the outcome is good or bad. This paper argues that part of the explanation for this effect is that there are stable individual differences in how 'intentional' gets interpreted. That is, in Knobe's cases, different people interpret the(More)
It is easy to give a list of cognitive processes. They are things like learning, memory, concept formation, reasoning, maybe emotion, and so on. It is not easy to say, of these things that are called cognitive, what makes them so? Knowing the answer is one very important reason to be interested in the mark of the cognitive. In this paper, consider some(More)
This paper examines the problem of a small dark matter halo orbiting in a larger dark matter halo with a Hernquist potential. Undamped orbits can be obtained from numerically integrating the equation for force in a Hernquist potential. They can also be modelled analytically using a spirographic approximation (Adams and Bloch 2005). Damped orbits can be(More)
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