Fred A Williams

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Mixing of a conserved scalar representing the mixture fraction, of primary importance in modelling non-premixed turbulent combustion, is studied by direct numerical simulation (DNS) in strongly turbulent planar shear layers both with and without heat release at a reaction sheet. For high heat release, typical of hydrocarbon combustion, the mixing is found(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe and evaluate a technique for radical resection of the lateral body wall for treatment of fibrosarcoma with reconstruction using polypropylene mesh and a caudal superficial epigastric axial pattern flap in cats. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, clinical study. ANIMALS OR SAMPLE POPULATION Six client-owned cats with fibrosarcoma. METHODS(More)
Brain noradrenergic mechanisms participate in the excitatory control of episodic LH release in many experimental animals, including the nonhuman primate. In addition, augmentation of pulsatile LH release in the rodent in response to opiate receptor antagonists is dependent upon intact central noradrenergic pathways. The applicability of these tenets to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if once-daily colonic irrigation results in fecal continence for a 24-hour period in dogs with colostomies and if colonic volume increased in response to the irrigation. STUDY DESIGN A prospective controlled experimental study. ANIMALS Four intact male and one intact female mixed breed dogs. MATERIALS All dogs received left(More)
We tested the hypothesis that sustained, strenuous physical training alters the neuroendocrine regulation of pulsatile gonadotropin and/or prolactin secretion in men. Blood was sampled at 20-minute intervals over 8 hours in five endurance-trained men after a 10-15 mile run in the middle of the active training season, and in 11 nonendurance trained normal(More)
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