Frédéric Bongard

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This paper presents new contributions to the modeling and design of reflecting cells embedding discrete control elements such as microelectromechanical system (MEMS) or diodes. First, a rigorous assessment of the different possibilities to simulate and measure the reconfigurable cell in a periodic environment is proposed. Strategies to efficiently model a(More)
We present a space-domain integral-equation method for the analysis of periodic structures formed by three-dimensional (3-D) metallic objects arranged in a general skewed two-dimensional lattice. The computation of the space-domain Green's function is accelerated using the Ewald transformation. The method is validated on several periodic structures ranging(More)
We propose to model periodic structures by equivalent multiconductor transmission lines (MTLs). The developed technique is based on a multimodal representation of the periodic structure unit cell, such as required for periodically loaded MTLs and periodically loaded waveguides with higher order evanescent mode interaction between cells. Compared to commonly(More)
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