Frazer H Sinclair

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How geographically widespread biological communities assemble remains a major question in ecology. Do parallel population histories allow sustained interactions (such as host-parasite or plant-pollinator) among species, or do discordant histories necessarily interrupt them? Though few empirical data exist, these issues are central to our understanding of(More)
The purpose of the experiment reported was to study soft tissue changes at teeth which were orthodontically moved into areas with varying thickness and quality of periodontal tissues. The maxillary central incisors and first premolars in 5 adult monkeys were used as experimental teeth. 6 months prior to the start of the orthodontic treatment phase, the(More)
Disruption of species interactions is a key issue in climate change biology. Interactions involving forest trees may be particularly vulnerable due to evolutionary rate limitations imposed by long generation times. One mitigation strategy for such impacts is Climate matching - the augmentation of local native tree populations by input from nonlocal(More)
Planted meadows are increasingly used to improve the biodiversity and aesthetic amenity value of urban areas. Although many 'pollinator-friendly' seed mixes are available, the floral resources these provide to flower-visiting insects, and how these change through time, are largely unknown. Such data are necessary to compare the resources provided by(More)
Fifteen new species of cynipid inquilines, Saphonecrus chinensis Tang & Schwéger, S. gilvus Melika & Schwéger, S. globosus Schwéger & Tang, S. leleyi Melika & Schwéger, S. lithocarpii Schwéger & Melika, S. longinuxi Schwéger & Melika, S. morii Schwéger & Tang, S. nantoui Tang, Schwéger & Melika, S. nichollsi Schwéger & Melika, S. pachylomai Schwéger, Tang &(More)
Healthcare facilities' integration of the standards and changes in current Joint Commission survey process means that staff members at all levels must participate and interact with surveyors more than ever before. It no longer is sufficient just to meet the standards; staff members must under stand and invest in the standards' intent. One way to accomplish(More)
Eight new species of cynipid gallwasps, Cycloneuroterus abei Melika & Tang, C. ergei Tang & Melika, C. gilvus Melika & Tang, C. globosus Melika & Tang, C. jianwui Tang & Melika, C. lohsei Melika & Tang, C. tumiclavus Tang & Melika, C. uraianus Tang & Melika, from Taiwan and mainland China are described. Descriptions, diagnoses, biology, and host(More)
A new genus of cynipid oak gallwasp-Cyclocynips Melika, Tang, & Sinclair (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Cynipini), with two new species--C. uberis and C. tumorvirgae--reared from galls on oaks of the Quercus subgenus Cyclobalanopsis is described from Taiwan. Descriptions of asexual generation adults and their diagnostic characters are presented. The likelihood of(More)
  • Daniel Kelly, Cordula Lenkhh, +43 authors Autonoma De Honduras
  • 2005
The University of Nottingham ( is one of the leading universities in the UK. It is research intensive and global in its outlook. Operation Wallacea ( is a conservation research organisation specialising in tropical forest and coral reef science and conservation. The two organisations have joined forces in the Parque(More)
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