Frauke Mager

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β-Barrel membrane proteins have regular structures with extensive hydrogen-bond networks between their transmembrane (TM) β-strands, which stabilize their protein fold. Nevertheless, weakly stable TM regions, which are important for the protein function and interaction with other proteins, exist. Here, we report on the apparent stability of human Tom40A, a(More)
Tom40 proteins represent an essential class of molecules which facilitate translocation of unfolded proteins from the cytosol into the mitochondrial intermembrane space. They are part of a high-molecular mass complex that forms the protein-conducting channel in outer mitochondrial membranes. This study concerns the recombinant expression, purification and(More)
In the present work we applied a novel mass spectrometry method termed laser-induced liquid bead ion desorption mass spectrometry (LILBID-MS) to the outer mitochondrial membrane protein translocon TOM to analyze its subunit composition and stoichiometry. With TOM core complex, purified at high pH, we demonstrate that a TOM core complex of Neurospora crassa(More)
Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures Back Close Abstract Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures Back Close Abstract This paper presents several analysis techniques relating to large-scale atmospheric waves. Such analysis tools allow the extraction of planetary waves from reanalysis or model datasets, and can contribute to a(More)
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