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BACKGROUND Magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS®) is routinely used to isolate stem cell subpopulations intended for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In strong contrast, studies examining the amount, effect and intramyocardial distribution of iron nanoparticles used for magnetic cell labelling are missing, although iron excess can cause functional(More)
CD133+ stem cells represent a promising subpopulation for innovative cell-based therapies in cardiovascular regeneration. Several clinical trials have shown remarkable beneficial effects following their intramyocardial transplantation. Yet, the purification of CD133+ stem cells is typically performed in centralized clean room facilities using semi-automatic(More)
Aim. CD133+ stem cells bear huge potential for regenerative medicine. However, low retention in the injured tissue and massive cell death reduce beneficial effects. In order to address these issues, we intended to develop a nonviral system for appropriate cell engineering. Materials and Methods. Modification of human CD133+ stem cells with magnetic(More)
BACKGROUND By far, most strategies for cell reprogramming and gene therapy are based on the introduction of DNA after viral delivery. To avoid the high risks accompanying these goals, non-viral and DNA-free delivery methods for various cell types are required. METHODS Relying on an initially established PCR-based protocol for convenient template DNA(More)
Many disorders are manifested by dysfunction of key cell types or their disturbed integration in complex organs. Thereby, adult organ systems often bear restricted self-renewal potential and are incapable of achieving functional regeneration. This underlies the need for novel strategies in the field of cell (re-)programming-based regenerative medicine as(More)
Adult cardiomyocytes (CMs) possess a highly restricted intrinsic regenerative potential - a major barrier to the effective treatment of a range of chronic degenerative cardiac disorders characterized by cellular loss and/or irreversible dysfunction and which underlies the majority of deaths in developed countries. Both stem cell programming and direct cell(More)
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