Frauke De Weerdt

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BACKGROUND The ability to compare numbers, as the most basic form of number sense, has been related to arithmetical achievement. AIMS The current study addressed the predictive value of non-symbolic and symbolic (number word (NW) and Arabic number (AN)) comparison for arithmetics by means of a longitudinal design. SAMPLE Sixteen children with(More)
Elementary school children with reading disabilities (RD; n = 17), mathematical disabilities (MD; n = 22), or combined reading and mathematical disabilities (RD+MD; n = 28) were compared to average achieving (AA; n = 45) peers on working memory measures. On all working memory components, 2 (RD vs. no RD) × 2 (MD vs. no MD) factorial ANCOVAs revealed clear(More)
Children with reading disabilities (RD, n=17), mathematical disabilities (MD, n=22), combined reading and mathematical disabilities (RD+MD, n=28) and control peers (n=45) were tested on behavioral inhibition with a Go/no-go task in a picture, letter and digit-modality. In contrast to children without RD, children with RD made significantly more commission(More)
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