Frauke Adamla

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Aging is a highly controlled biological process characterized by a progressive deterioration of various cellular activities. One of several hallmarks of aging describes a link to transcriptional alteration, suggesting that it may impact the steady-state mRNA levels. We analyzed the mRNA steady-state levels of polyCAG-encoding transgenes and endogenous genes(More)
Translation of mRNA into an amino acid sequence is mediated by ribosomes. tRNAs deliver amino acids to the growing polypeptide chain by pairing to the cognate codons of the mRNA. The concentration of cellular tRNAs is not uniform and varies upon development, disease and environmental stress. The different availability of tRNAs affects the ribosomal speed(More)
Maintenance of triplet decoding is crucial for the expression of functional protein because deviations either into the -1 or +1 reading frames are often non-functional. We report here that expression of huntingtin (Htt) exon 1 with expanded CAG repeats, implicated in Huntington pathology, undergoes a sporadic +1 frameshift to generate from the CAG repeat a(More)
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