Fraser J. Morgan

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The three-dimensional structure of human chorionic gonadotropin shows that each of its two different subunits has a similar topology, with three disulphide bonds forming a cystine knot. This same folding motif is found in some protein growth factors. The heterodimer is stabilized by a segment of the beta-subunit which wraps around the alpha-subunit and is(More)
Bovine follicular fluid was used as a source for the isolation of gonadal inhibin, the activity of which was monitored by the dose dependent suppression of the FSH content of cultured pituitary cells. The procedures presented result in over 3000-fold purification of the starting material and the purified inhibin has an apparent molecular weight of 56000.(More)
PH8 monoclonal antibody has previously been shown to react with all three aromatic amino acid hydroxylases, being particularly useful for immunohistochemical staining of brain tissue [Haan, Jennings, Cuello, Nakata, Chow, Kushinsky, Brittingham & Cotton (1987) Brain Res. 426, 19-27]. Western-blot analysis of liver extracts showed that PH8 reacted with(More)
Rat liver ribosomes and 40 S ribosomal subunits were phosphorylated with the purified catalytic subunit of cAMP-dependent protein kinase. Phosphorylation of ribosomal protein S6 plateaued at around 2 mol of phosphate/mol of protein with both substrates. Peptide map analyses showed that the most prominent phosphorylation sites associated with 40 S substrates(More)
The amino acid sequence of a type 1 copper protein, the 96-residue basic blue protein from cucumber seedlings, has been determined by Edman degradation of the intact molecule and of fragments produced by cleavage with cyanogen bromide and with trypsin. The cucumber basic blue protein shows a marked sequence homology with stellacyanin, and to a smaller(More)
Androgen receptor assays have been performed on 1371 specimens of histologically confirmed primary and recurrent breast cancer. Forty-two patients who had received tamoxifen as treatment for advanced disease were assessed for objective response. Another 42 patients who had received chemotherapy were similarly studied. Patients with androgen(More)
The primary amino acid structures of the 43-kDa (A) and 15-kDa (B) subunits of the 58-kDa form of the hormone inhibin have been elucidated by cloning and analysis of cDNA species derived from bovine granulosa cell mRNA. The A subunit (Mr = 32,298) is a protein of 300 amino acids with two potential N-glycosylation sites and two potential proteolytic(More)
Platelet function and serum lipid studies were conducted on nine healthy male subjects before and two hours after three separate meals, two of which were rich in fat: saturated fat (SF) or polyunsaturated fat (PUF), and a third control meal which contained no fat. Platelet activity was assessed by determination of in vivo platelet aggregate formation, and(More)
Soft lactic cheeses were manufactured with raw goat milk inoculated with Listeria monocytogenes. The physico-chemical and microbiological characteristics of curds and cheeses were determined after each processing step as well as during ripening and refrigerated storage. The fate of Listeria monocytogenes was evaluated by enumeration on PALCAM agar and by a(More)