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The three-dimensional structure of human chorionic gonadotropin shows that each of its two different subunits has a similar topology, with three disulphide bonds forming a cystine knot. This same folding motif is found in some protein growth factors. The heterodimer is stabilized by a segment of the beta-subunit which wraps around the alpha-subunit and is(More)
The amino acid sequences of both the alpha and beta subunits of human chorionic gonadotropin have been determined. The amino acid sequence of the alpha subunit is: Ala - Asp - Val - Gln - Asp - Cys - Pro - Glu - Cys-10 - Thr - Leu - Gln - Asp - Pro - Phe - Ser - Gln-20 - Pro - Gly - Ala - Pro - Ile - Leu - Gln - Cys - Met - Gly-30 - Cys - Cys - Phe - Ser -(More)
We estimate the extent of ecological impacts of the invasive Asian paper wasp across different landscapes in New Zealand. We used: (i) a baseline distribution layer (modelled via MaxEnt); (ii) Asian paper wasp nest density (from >460 field plots, related to their preferences for specific land cover categories); and (iii) and their foraging intensity (rates(More)
Agriculture is important to New Zealand's economy. Like other primary producers, New Zealand strives to increase agricultural output while maintaining environmental integrity. Utilising modelling to explore the economic, environmental and land use impacts of policy is critical to understand the likely effects on the sector. Key deficiencies within existing(More)
The introduction of a pH 4.75 precipitation step to a previously described purification procedure from bovine follicular fluid (bFF) resulted in the isolation of a 31 kDa form of inhibin, in addition to 58 kDa inhibin. The procedure was monitored by an in vitro bioassay based on the suppression of the FSH cell content by pituitary cells in culture. The 31(More)
This report describes the application of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and associated techniques to the isolation of inhibin from ovine follicular fluid (oFF). Two modes of HPLC have been assessed. High speed gel permeation chromatography on a Waters I-125 support showed that at pH 7.0 inhibin bioactivity was associated with an approx. 80000(More)
Central and local government agencies in New Zealand are calling for a paradigm shift in natural resource management. A unified approach is required to deliver a wide range of services and outcomes in a sustainable manner. Our new, 4-year research project aims to provide the scientific basis for such an approach. We are taking a three-phase approach. First,(More)
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