Franziska Wolff

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Previous experiments have shown that myeloid and lymphoid leukemia may be induced in mice of the RF strain by exposure to whole-body ioniz ing radiation (5, 26, 28, 29). These studies also indicated that the rates of induction of the two types of leukemia varied with the dose of radiation and also with the sex and physiological status of the exposed animal.(More)
Cultural landscapes are appreciated for the plethora of ecosystem services that they provide to society. They are, however, subject to rapid and fundamental transformations across Europe, mainly as a result of intensification or abandonment of land uses. Our objective is to assess the possible future drivers of cultural landscape changes and their likely(More)
2 Introduction Despite leading a shadowy existence in the public biodiversity debate, the issue of the loss of agrobiodiversity is hotly debated in expert circles. A broad understanding of agrobiodiversity can be described as that part of biodiversity that contributes in the context of agriculture to nutrition, livelihoods and the maintenance of habitats.(More)
The authors used statistical methods to interpret 1,430 values of 24-hour urinary estriol. This determination is valuable in the last three months of pregnancy if values lower than 10 mg/24-hour are obtained at the 40th week, the tests must be repeated and additional examinations should be made to determine the condition of the fetus. This test is(More)