Franziska Rothermel

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A splenic abscess developed in a 16-year-old boy following a supposed viral illness and left lower thoracic trauma. Preoperative diagnosis was at first obscured, but a spleen scan suggested fractured spleen and a splenic arteriogram showed a "subcapsular hematoma" and an aneurysm of the left hepatic artery. A 1,800-gm spleen containing one large abscess and(More)
Three patients with localized polycystic kidney infections are presented with the pertinent clinical, laboratory, and radiographic findings. Gallium-67 citrate and angiography play an important role in evaluation of these patients. Angiography in particular is valuable in the diagnosis and the exact localization of the inflammatory disease. Localization is(More)
An unusual egg-shell calcification was found in the thyroid gland on a routine radiograph. The 99mTc-pertechnetate thyroid image showed a cold nodule in the inferior pole of the left lobe which proved to be mixed papillary-follicular carcinoma. There was no characteristic pattern of calcification in the thyroid gland which would permit precise diagnosis of(More)
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