Franziska Locher

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A universal PCR and sequencing test, SepsiTest™ (Molzym, Germany) was evaluated for its applicability during daily diagnostic routine in a privately operated laboratory. In total, 96 specimens originating from 66 patients under suspect of infectious endocarditis, infections of joints, encephalitis/meningitis, systemic infections and infections of unknown(More)
Because of its rapidness, simplicity and potential for automation, the measurement of micronucleated cells in vivo is not only equivalent to the analysis of chromosome aberrations, but often even preferred within routine genotoxicity testing. In order to evaluate the correlation between the in vitro micronucleus assay (MNT) and the in vitro chromosome(More)
A retrospective study of sixty-one displaced fractures of the tibial plateau treated by closed manipulative reduction and immobilization for six weeks in a molded single hip-spica cast revealed that there was bone union in all cases. Weight-bearing was carefully avoided for twelve to sixteen weeks while motion of the knee was regained. Fifty-three patients(More)
Measurement of the frequency of micronuclei induced in cells by ionizing radiation or by chemical treatment is widely used to analyze cytogenetic damage. The microscopic scoring of micronuclei is a tedious and time-consuming procedure. Therefore, attempts have been made to automate micronuclei scoring by means of image analysis or flow cytometry. A new(More)
The consumption of pharmaceuticals and their excretion in wastewater is a continuous source of pollution for aquatic ecosystems. In certain cases these compounds are found in the environment at concentrations high enough to cause disturbance in aquatic organisms. Aware of this problem hospitals are giving increasing attention to the nature of their(More)
Three genotoxic mouse carcinogens, 4-chloro-o-phenylenediamine (4-C-o-PDA), 2-nitro-p-phenylenediamine (2-N-p-PDA), and 2,4-diaminotoluene (2,4-DAT), were tested in the Big Blue transgenic mouse mutation assay. Each experiment consisted of a vehicle control group with ten Big Blue C57BL/6 mice, five of either sex, and an equally sized group treated with a(More)
Azathioprine, a thiopurine compound that exhibits immunosuppressive activity is current ly used with cyclosporine and cort icosteroid in combined immunosuppmssive protocols in organ transplantation (1). Azathioprine undergoes a complex metabolic pathway and its pharmacodynamic activity is considered to depend on the formation of intracellutar thiopurine(More)
CD-ROMs represent a new data medium which is not used enough by health professionals. This survey aimed to list current CD-ROMs useful in pharmacy field with their main characteristics. Thus, databases and directories from health information providers were consulted. A database was then made in order to exploit data collected as well as possible. The(More)
Herein, we detail a promising strategy of nanovesicle preparation based on control of phospholipid self-assembly: the Double Solvent Displacement. A systematic study was conducted and diclofenac as drug model encapsulated. In vitro skin studies were carried out to identify better formulation for dermal/transdermal delivery. This method consists in two(More)