Franziska Herrmann

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PURPOSE To compare 2-deoxy-2-[fluorine-18]fluoro-D-glucose (FDG) positron emission tomography (PET) with computed tomography (CT) in primary nodal staging of malignant lymphoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty consecutive patients with untreated, histopathologically proved malignant lymphoma (aged 7-72 years; 33 with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, 27 with Hodgkin(More)
Clinical data of 116 patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and of 114 patients with lymphoplasmacytic/lymphoplasmacytoid lymphoma (synonym: LP immunocytoma, IC) as diagnosed according to the Kiel classification were compared. This interim evaluation of a prospective multicenter study of the Kiel Lymphoma Study Group characterizes IC the less(More)
Kallikrein excretion and renal function were studied on 37 one-day-old newborn infants (14 fullterm and 23 preterm infants). Preterm infants excreted less kallikrein (p less than 0.001), had lower creatinine clearance (p less than 0.02) and urinary osmolality (p less than 0.01). They had higher values on urinary volume (p less than 0.001), FENa (p less than(More)
A prospective study of full-term infants with neonatal asphyxia was performed to evaluate possible alterations in renal function. Twenty-one newborns with an Apgar score less than or equal to 3 at 1 minute after birth and a control group of 20 normal infants were included. Oliguria of 12 hours or more (less than 1 ml/Kg/h) during the first 24 hours after(More)
BACKGROUND Right heart failure and baffle complications may affect the health status of patients with transposition of the great arteries after an atrial switch operation. METHODS This study aims to identify risk factors for late death, the incidence of reoperations, and the functional status of 88 patients who underwent a Mustard operation with a mean(More)
Twenty-six children with advanced neuroblastoma were consolidated with cisplatin, BCNU, etoposide, melphalan, 21 Gy of local radiotherapy, and bone marrow rescue in a multicenter study. All patients were over 1 year of age at diagnosis. Twenty-two patients were treated in first complete or partial remission and four in second complete or partial remission.(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrences of neuroblastoma Evans' stage I-III are infrequent events and the types of its progression have rarely been reported. Therefore, we investigated the patterns of progression in a large series of patients with long follow-up. PATIENTS AND METHODS The sites of relapse and time to progression and death of 381 consecutive patients in(More)
PURPOSE To quantitate changes in hearing function after radiotherapy for head-and-neck tumors. METHODS AND MATERIALS At the Department of Radiotherapy and Radiation Oncology, 32 patients were irradiated for head-and-neck tumors. Three-dimensional treatment planning was applied. Total tumor doses were 30.0-77.6 Gy, local doses to the inner ear (n = 64)(More)