Franziska Gröhn

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Immunglobulin G (IgG) sialylation represents a key checkpoint that determines the engagement of pro- or anti-inflammatory Fcγ receptors (FcγR) and the direction of the immune response. Whether IgG sialylation influences osteoclast differentiation and subsequently bone architecture has not been determined yet, but may represent an important link between(More)
Developing effective and versatile photocatalytic systems is of great potential in solar energy conversion. Here we investigate the formation of supramolecular catalysts by electrostatic self-assembly in aqueous solution: Combining positively charged porphyrins with negatively charged polyelectrolytes leads to nanoscale assemblies where, next to(More)
The preparation of car-boxylated hyperbranched polyglycer-ols of narrow polydispersity was achieved by modification (78–90%) of the hydroxyl end groups via Michael addition of acrylonitrile, followed by hydrolysis. High conversion could only be achieved for low molecular weight starting materials (520 and 1,030 g mol −1). The solution properties of the(More)
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