Franziska Ehrmann

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As part of ongoing studies to obtain a global picture of invasion related events in colorectal liver metastases, here, we report our findings on gene expression of the pro-angiogenic subgroup of chemokines, the CXCL-ELR+ chemokines. Apart from their pro-angiogenic and chemoattractant function, these chemokines appear to also contribute to tumor cell(More)
domains. To knock a sequence encoding a protein tag into these loci, we designed an exchange cassette consisting of a hygromycin resistance gene (hygromycin phosphotransferase; hygro) fused via a 2A virus polyprotein cleavage sequence (P2A) to a modified N-terminal localization and affinity purification (nLAP) tag encoding enhanced GFP (EGFP)4. This(More)
This letter deals with the problem of speech enhancement for mobile radio communications when two noisy observations are available. The basic idea consists of using the coherence function as a pertinent criterion to distinguish the useful signal from the disturbing noises when noises are decorrelated. There, we propose an optimization of a noise-reduction(More)
Gene trapping is a high-throughput insertional mutagenesis approach that has been primarily used in mouse embryonic stem cells (ESCs). As a high throughput technology, gene trapping helped to generate tenth of thousands of ESC lines harboring mutations in single genes that can be used for making knock-out mice. Ongoing international efforts operating under(More)
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