Franziska Biedermann

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The extent of perceptual impairment following unilateral lesions in the auditory cortex, its thalamic or callosal afferents was studied with psychoacoustic tests. Thresholds for the discrimination of signal frequency, intensity and duration were acquired under three different conditions of headphone stimulation ('monaural', 'interaural', and 'dichotic(More)
Auditory deviancy detection comprises both automatic and voluntary processing. Here, we investigated the neural correlates of different components of the sensory discrimination process using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Subliminal auditory processing of deviant events that were not detected led to activation in left superior temporal gyrus. On the(More)
A new method, first applied two years ago in our clinic, has proved to be reliable for achieving a rapid reepithelialisation of epithelial defects after scar removal inside the trachea. The defect is seeded with isolated respiratory epithelial cells harvested the day before from the ethmoid. Isolation of epithelial cells was achieved by keeping the mucosa(More)
After a brief survey of the forms of cranial meningoencephaloceles, the current opinions on their development, symptoms and surgical therapy, a report is given on the case of a five-year-old boy suffering from a sphenoethmoidal meningocele of the size 3 x 3 x 4 cm. There was at the same time a wide median palate cleft, obviously a consequence of the(More)