Franziska Bell

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1. Gastric emptying, gastric acid and pepsinogen secretion were assessed simultaneously in the conscious calf using the test meal and duodenal perfusion technique (Bell & Mostaghni, 1975).2. Duodenal infusion of NaCl at a constant osmolality of 300 m-osmole/kg, but with pH ranging from 2.0 to 12.0, did not alter the high level of gastric emptying and(More)
1. The goat, sheep and calf have gustatory chemoreceptors which respond to salt, sweet, sour and bitter solutions, from which the afferent fibres pass centrally in the chorda tympani and glossopharyngeal nerves.2. Action potentials in the afferent gustatory nerves can also be detected when the tongue is irrigated with sodium bicarbonate, ethylene glycol,(More)
Singlet fission (SF) could dramatically increase the efficiency of organic solar cells by producing two triplet excitons from each absorbed photon. While this process has been known for decades, most descriptions have assumed the necessity of a charge-transfer intermediate. This ab initio study characterizes the low-lying excited states in acene molecular(More)
The restricted active space spin-flip (RAS-SF) approach is a multistate, spin-complete, variational and size consistent method applicable to systems featuring electronic (near-)degeneracies. In contrast to CASSCF it does not involve orbital optimizations and so avoids issues such as root-flipping and state averaging. This also makes RAS-SF calculations(More)
The mechanism of the (bis(phosphanylethyl)phosphane)Pt(2+) catalyzed cyclo-isomerization reaction of 7-methyl-octa-1,6-diene to form 1-isopropylbicyclo[3.1.0]hexane was studied using computational methods. The cyclopropanation step was found to be the turnover-limiting step. The overall reaction proceeds via both a 5-exo and a 6-endo route. W conformations(More)
We present a general expression for the maximum ion energy observed in experiments with thin foils irradiated by high-intensity laser pulses. The analytical model is based on a radially confined surface charge set up by laser accelerated electrons on the target rear side. The only input parameters are the properties of the laser pulse and the target(More)